Plant nursery JW Bakhuijzen is the global expert in growing skimmia and pernettya species. From our 30,000 sq. metre plant nursery, we deliver our plants to many counties across the globe which include the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France. We distinguish ourselves with our passion for and in-depth expertise about the species we grow.

In the eighties of the past century, the former owner of our nursery, mister André Moerings, was the first to grow pernettyas in small pots. With our ten own bee colonies and a strong selection of male pernettyas, the annual pollination in May guarantees a consistently high quality product.

In 2005 we increased our focus on growing new sorts of and improving existing skimmia species. We have been successful in strengthening the roots, which tend to be a weak spot, while also advancing the flowering period to as early as mid-August. We have also created various dwarf species, for which transport is both easier and more economically.
After having collaborated with André Moerings for many years, the current owner of our nursery took over in 2010. Their collaboration continues, as do their shared expertise and passion for this profession that ensures an overall high quality services to our customers; wherever they are located.


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Janwillem Bakhuijzen 


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